Betfair Ponder Bingo Offering

Betfair, the world’s first and largest online betting exchange is seriously considering a move into the online bingo industry. Speculation is rife at the moment, with many industry insiders suggesting negotiations with the developers of the Virtue Fusion package, Playtech, may already be at an advanced stage. Such a move would see yet another big name enter the ring, potentially bring some mouth watering bonuses to the table.


Ladbrokes throw down £40,000 — Winners need not apply!

Ladbrokes Bingo have taken the somewhat unconventional step of offering up cash to players that don’t actually win. Yeah, we were confused too. The somewhat unorthodox promotion will see players who spend £15 or more on bingo cards on any given day in November tossed into a draw with a staggering £40,000 prize pool. That’s a considerable amount of cash for “losing”.

 Bingo Addict

“Bingo Addict” steals more than a million!

We end on a friendly reminder to play responsibly. Bingo is a form of gambling, just like poker and sports betting. If left unchecked and allowed to spiral it can cause serious personal, mental and (it would appear) professional problems. A Mr Graham Taylor from Manchester stole more than £1,000,000 from his employer to pay for his online bingo addiction over the course of a few years. Mr Taylor recently pleaded guilty to fraud and theft and currently awaits sentencing.


Perhaps the most upsetting part of this story is the fact that 2 innocent people were dragged into it, as they lost their jobs due to the company having cash flow problems. Situations like these are extremely rare, as are gambling problems involving bingo across the nation. We are generally a responsible bunch but there is always a few that play a few more games than they should. If you’re finding yourself compelled to logon and play bingo for reasons other than pure entertainment then please seek advice immediately as you may have a problem.

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