Bingo Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

For those of you dipping your toes into the gigantium pool that is online bingo, it may seem a little daunting at times. Bingo EtiquetteeThere are rooms full of players who all interact with each other as if they’re the best of friends; referring to each other by first names, talking about work, their kids and so on. You may find yourself nervous to get involved, perhaps feeling as if you would be invasive to jump in on such a conversation. The problem is, if you’re not socializing you are missing perhaps the best part of online bingo. The site you play will usually be no different to a million others out there, so the players themselves really make the game. Here are our do’s and don’ts for getting involved in the chat as a new player in online bingo rooms.


Don’t force your way into the conversation

You know that really annoying, pushy woman who always has to have the last word in the playground when you’re waiting for your kids to finish school? It’s very easy to become that person in an online bingo room without even realising it. Remember that what you write online is merely text, so the tone of your comment may not always appear as you intend.


Do get involved but do so subtly

There are plenty of ways to introduce yourself to the room, without going over the top. A simple “Hello guys” will usually garner a response from your peers. Once they know you’re there remain active in the chat, join in with the rounds of “2tg” (2 to go — signifying you only require two numbers for a bingo) and the rest of it. It’s really not a big issue.


Don’t jump into a deeply personal conversation

As with conversations in “the real world”, timing is key. You don’t want to weigh in with your opinion on someones relationship problems or their child’s behaviour. If you wouldn’t do it in the real world, don’t do it in the chatroom.


Do make sure you are just being yourself

Obviously we know you’re not gonna go charging into a chatroom and start lying about this that and the other but we do see a lot of people trying to hard to be liked online. You don’t need to be bold as brass to get noticed and meet new people. Just be yourself and have a giggle as you play.

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