Bingo Is Good For You!

The killer question which has been on everyone’s lips for some time now (Well, anyone who’s spent half their life either playing online or in the “real” world) is that of whether playing bingo can actually be good for you? Here we have, er, conclusive proof that you can rest assured that it’s not only a fun activity but also a highly beneficial one too!


Being popular amongst the senior community it has been said to have health benefits which improve mental functioning and help keep the brain in good shape, providing an almost meditative state of concentration for some players. Bingo Brain HealthNot only this but it provides a great outlet and the social side of things which are included, both online and offline, increases our feelings of well-being and promotes a more positive mental state – especially when you’re having a good day!


Reflexes and reaction times are also sharpened, especially in older players, as we wait for the magic number to be called to secure our moment of triumph. The University of Southampton even went as far as to demonstrate a clear correlation between regular bingo players and increased levels of mental agility when compared to their bingo dodging counterparts. Findings showed a higher level of information scan recall ie a better and faster memory.


Really it’s not surprising that bingo has so many benefits, when you consider the skills needed which include the ability to scan and find numbers whilst keeping your attention focused on listening often for sustained periods of a few hours. It’s easy to see that doing such a task regularly will soon build up certain areas of the brain just like training a muscle does.


So, next time you’re playing just keep in mind the positive benefits you’re contributing to your health, and remember that although senior players may gain the most benefit it works for all ages. 

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