Bingo sites lock horns again!

The big bingo sites are in a constant battle, trying to outdo each other with their various offers to players. A few years ago this was always about the sign up bonuses; who was offering the biggest, the best and most effective promotion. Honestly, it was like listening to a bunch of men rambling on about their cars engine at a BBQ — Boring! Over the last 12 months though, we have seen a drastic shift to true promotions, such as various nights of half price bingo, massive jackpots and even brand new cars on offer!


This week it’s three of the biggest operators in the industry, all weighing in with some stunning propositions for you to consider. Ladbrokes bingo will have a night of penny bingo this coming Thursday at 6pm, with each game having a cash jackpot of up to £200! Throw in a few buy one get one free games and you have a reason to dedicate the evening to a small bingo binge!
Gala Bingo will be running a wheel of fortune feature until Sunday the 25th of November, whereby all full house winners are entered into a draw, the winner of that draw will have the wheel spun for a chance to win up to £250 in cash!

Finally, William Hill Bingo (who are in the middle of a massive marketing campaign right now) are entering every player who spends £10 or more on bingo into a draw with more than £75,000 worth of prizes on offer! Each £10 you spend is worth one entry, with no limit on the amount of entries you can have, so get playing!

This is what it’s all about ladies and gents. The operators are fighting for your custom, throwing money and prizes at you hand over fist. If it’s on offer, you may as well take advantage of them!

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