Cheeky Bingo Free Money

This is an amazing offer with almost unlimited potential. You’d be bonkers not to sign up!

When I write these guides explaining how to cash out a particular bonus, while making as much profit as realistically possible, I usually have to read page after page of terms and conditions and then plan my “method of extraction”. Cheeky BingoHowever this time round I spent most of my time looking for those terms and conditions, only to come to the realisation that they don’t actually exist. That’s right, a free bingo promotion where there are no terms and conditions. They really don’t come much simpler than this one guys! To get your hands on your free money you will need to:

1. Click Here To Register At Cheeky Bingo.

2. Login and play in one of six “free rooms” that offer cash prizes with no deposit or commitments.

3. You can win up to £100 per game in the Free Bingo Rooms.

4. Withdraw your winnings.


When I first realised how little red tape there was around this promotion I presumed that it would be nothing but £5 jackpots at most, perhaps even less. However that’s just not the case. Every hour from 11am till late into the night Cheeky Bingo run free games with £50 jackpots. Obviously the rooms can get quite crowded because everyone loves free money but hey, you have the same chance as everyone else!



Cheeky Bingo are owned and operated by Cashcade Limited, an online operator of casino and bingo sites such as GetMinted, MirrorBingo and ThinkBingo. With over a decade in the market and being one of the first companies to have celebrity endorsements from Vinnie Jones and Katie “Jordan” Price, you can play safe in the knowledge that they provide a fair and professional service.


Website and Software

The Cheeky Bingo website does lose points with me because it’s the stereotypical pink, however that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t have its merits. Cheeky CheekyMoving around the site is relatively painless while the eye catching and aesthetically pleasing graphics alert you to their latest offers and services. The most important part of the site from our point of view though has to be the list of free games starting soon at the bottom of the homepage, which also informs you how big the jackpot in each room will be. Extremely handy for money hungry poachers such as ourselves!


Additional Bonuses

With so many free games available on a daily basis we hardly expected big things in this department but they do have a 200% first deposit bonus, which is unfortunately limited to a fiver. Nonetheless, depositing £5 and ending up with £15 is never a bad thing!


Community and Customer Service

The community seemed friendly away from the “Free Rooms”, which in all honesty were full of people who seemed more interested in arguing that actually playing. Ignore the chat window in those rooms and you’ll be fine. Outside of those rooms everything was just dandy!


The customer service team gets the job done, responding to any and all queries you may have for them in an efficient and timely manner. Support is available via email or phone, both doing their jobs well, however I was most impressed with the knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile from the chat hosts. Usually these guys are just volunteers or players themselves that are given free games for their time. Whether this is the case with Cheeky Bingo I am not sure but they were exceptionally helpful, something I really wasn’t ready for. Kudos, guys!


My Thoughts

Overall I was highly impressed with the site and service provided by Cheeky Bingo, the fact that their free bingo offer is essentially open-ended most certainly works in their favour as well. Yes, the site is that horrendous shade of pink but when we looked beyond that it is actually very well designed, from a functionality point of view at least. I won’t go as far as to say this is the best offer I have covered but it is in the top 5, if not only because of the potential to gain from this long term. If you are looking for something with more immediate results then you might want to check out one of our many guides.

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