How To Spot a Dodgy Bingo Site

In a perfect world we would all be able to do as we wish, when we wish and without fear of negative consequences or risks. Unfortunately that’s just not the way things work in reality and online the risks are greater many realise. Let me start out by saying that most online bingo sites are perfectly safe, just as car dealerships aren’t shady. However a bad apple or two can quite easily give an entire industry a bad reputation. With so many bingo sites out there it’s important for you, as a player, to be able to sort the pish from the posh and play with peace of mind. So here are our top tips for staying safe and avoiding rogue operators.


Check their support/help page

If their support or help page is nothing more than a contact form then you might have cause for concern. DodgyMost legit sites will have live chat, an email address and sometimes even a phone number. If there is only a form and you’d like to give them a try anyway then fill it out and see if you get a reply, but be sure to check the email address the reply comes from., or email addresses are all tell tale signs of an unprofessional and potential rogue operator.


Check the credentials

At the bottom of every legit bingo operator’s homepage you will see a list of credentials ranging from who checks their games for randomness to their registered company number in whatever jurisdiction they are licensed in. Check them out.


Google them

Google is the most powerful research tool in the world. Type in the company name or “ review” and Google will bring you back alot of information about the company and usually alot of users comments.

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