Here we have a list of answers to some of the most common questions which come up when people browse our site. Hopefully this provides you with answers you need, though the bare truth may not be as enticing as the offers may first be made to appear, so read on and educate yourself about the online bingo world and their “free” offers.

1. Can I Really Get Free Bingo Money?

Well the answer is yes, but it’s not as clear cut as that. You’ll get what is seen as bonus cash that is used to play a limited number of games on any given site. You’ll generally have to wager this cash and only when you deposit a real cash stake will you be able to withdraw any of the free cash. Only after you have fulfilled the specific requirements for wagering that different companies require can you actually get your hands on any of the cash. This is done to stop people abusing the system and just taking out the free money offers, it’s also made as a hook to get you in playing and depositing real money. So unfortunately the free cash isn’t as easy as it first seems.

2. Do I Need To Submit Bank Details and Is It Safe?

In most cases companies will ask that you submit your card details before they will give you access to the free bonus cash. We don’t particularly like doing this but these are reputable companies that are featured on our site and there have never been any problems. FAQ QuestionsPlus, if you submit your details this provides the way to get your winnings wired back to your account, so it’s generally a must. The offers that have no card details required are listed in a specific category, however, if you try these offers and want to withdraw any cash then you’ll need to provide some type of card details anyway. 

3. Do I Need To Submit A Phone Number?

A few select sites, such as Sky Bingo, will ask you for a phone number as part of the offer. We’ve found that they occasionally like to send you out offers via text messages to prompt you to play or even use your free plays up. They should be few and far between so it’s no extra hassle for you. However, if you are particularly adverse to giving out your number then we would advise you to bin these offers and look in to the others which don’t require a phone number.

4. Can I Get Free Cash From Sites I have Already Used?

Unfortunately, if you have already used a site previously and have an account on there then you won’t be entitled to the free offers, they are primarily designed to get new players in and so it wouldn’t make sense for the companies to give out free cash to existing customers, however, there are still various offers and reload bonuses that you will be able to use to your advantage.

5. Is it Free To Use FreeBingoNoDeposit.me.uk?

Our site is free to use and always will be. Our aim is to provide the best online resource for free bingo offers where no deposit is required. We tell the truth about the offers and try to help our visitors get the most from them with the least of hassle.

6. How Do We Find The Free Bingo Offers?

We find the offers through trying out a huge range of bingo sites. We record our experiences and tell it how it is.

7. Are You On Facebook or Twitter?

At present we are only on Twitter but are looking into providing a resource via Facebook to help keep you updated on the latest offers. If you’re looking for more of the top offers and don’t see them covered here then try this site who also provide top quality guides to a variety of sites, helping you to get the most from online bingo.

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