Foxy Bingo 31k Halloween Jackpot

It’s not unusual for one of the industry’s big boys to offer a big promotion but it a seasonal jackpot exceeding £10,000 is something remarkable. So, when we heard that Foxy Bingo were offering a stunning £31,000 Halloween jackpot in one game at the end of the month we got quite excited!

Foxy Looking Spooky

The game will take place on October the 31st at 9:30pm. Tickets will cost £1.50 each but with a jackpot this big that is pennies. If you don’t fancy paying £1.50 a card though, there will be ample opportunities to get your hands on free cards if you play on the site regularly and you all know how much we love freebies! The game will only be available to players who have previously funded their accounts, so you may want to take advantage of their no deposit bonus now so you are ready to go at the end of the month.


There are four ways you can get yourself a slice of this gigantic pie, with the top prize being £20,000 — a good nights work in anyone’s eyes! Here is the breakdown of the prize pool, in the order that it will be won:


* “1TG” – £1,000. If you’re the first person to reach 4 numbers across the card on the way to “one line” you will be rewarded with £1,000! Perhaps being “so close” won’t be as frustrating this time round.

* One Line – £3,000. The first player to complete one line will collect a whopping £3,000!

* Two Lines – £7,000. Two lines, horizontally across the card will net you a cool £7,000.

* Full House – £20,000. The big one! Cover every number on the ticket and you pick up a life changing sum of money!

This offer is not to be missed out! If you’re not already a member then get on over to our Foxy Bingo Review, which also details how to extract their free bingo no deposit bonus and will leave you ready for the big game on October 31st!

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