Foxy Bingo 200% First Deposit Bonus

Foxy Bingo, one of the UK’s largest bingo operators, are currently offering all new members £10 of free credit with absolutely no deposit required. Foxy Bingo OfferWhile a deposit is not required to play, a £5 deposit (which you can withdraw without risking) is required to withdraw any potential profit you make. To get those winnings into your bank account you will need to:


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Foxy Bingo is owned and operated by Cashcade Limited, the UK’s leading provider of online bingo games. While Foxy Bingo is without question the biggest bingo site in their portfolio they do own a lions share of the bigger sites within the industry such as Think Bingo, Cheeky Bingo and Mirror Bingo, in addition to the online casino Get Minted.


Foxy Bingo itself has become rather well known due to its sponsorship of tv shows such as Jeremy Kyle, placing the brand in front of their target audience every weekday morning.


Website and Software

Ok, so it is well documented that I hate the use of pink on bingo websites. This time round however, I must admit, I actually like it. Foxy Bingo have used two tones of pink to create a kind of lightsource effect in the background, which compliments the purple content area surprisingly well. It’s extremely easy on the eyes and doesn’t become a source of irritation, even after spending hours on the website.


Additional Bonuses

While free credit is always appreciated, getting a 200% bonus on your first deposit is something else! While it’s not essential to play at Foxy Bingo, making the £5 deposit we recommended earlier would give you £30 worth of free credit to play with, increasing your chances of a solid profit with no investment drastically. I should be on Dragons Den with this stuff, honestly!


Community and Customer Service

This is where the site does fall down a little for me, not because the community is unfriendly or unwelcoming, far from it. I was greeted by dozens of “Hi Miss Bingo” messages when I announced myself in the chat but that in itself is the problem. Free Bingo CashFoxy Bingo has become a victim of its own success. Because the site is so large, everything feels so impersonal. There are hundreds of rooms to choose from, each filled with hundreds of players, which makes it so much harder to build those relationships with other players that you would perhaps see on a daily basis with a different operator. It’s not a mark against Foxy Bingo, after all it is the quality of the service that has created this catch 22, but it does detract from the user experience so I feel it should be noted.


Customer service on the other hand is great, as it is with every Cashcade website. Emails are answered within one business day, phone calls are answered within minutes and the chat hosts are extremely well trained and helpful, usually eliminating the need to contact Foxy at all by themselves.


My Thoughts

Foxy are a superb operator, providing a solid gaming experience with a great no deposit bonus. The staff are all extremely helpful and well trained, while the software used to power the games will keep you locked in for hours. You may find yourself at home instantly within their community but personally I found it all a bit overwhelming as the chat moved so quickly it was hard to strike up any meaningful conversation. If feeling as if you are part of a community is an essential part of your bingo gaming time then you might do well to look elsewhere, otherwise there probably isn’t a better operator in the UK.

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