GamblingData UK bingo market estimate: £259.3m

Bingo – The game of chance is believed to originate from Italy. Its online version has gathered up pace and there is a sizeable audience that indulges in online bingo gaming. The European market has been crunching out some mammoth numbers that show that online bingo is popular among the masses. The UK online Bingo market is huge and is expanding with each passing day.

According to an estimate from GamblingData, in 2011, online gambling market in the UK was worth £1.71 billion in the year 2011.  It is apparent that it must have significantly increased by now. Sports betting contributed 38% of the total online gambling market revenue and the much publicized casinos were a close second with 32% market share. Online Bingo in UK came in 3rd with a 15.5% market share, which translates into £256 million of the total £1.71 billion online gambling market in UK.

It is hard to gauge the exact share of online bingo in the total revenue. There are different revenue streams in the online gambling market. People having deeper insight in the Online Bingo market are of the opinion that only 30% of the total revenue come from online bingo. Almost 70% of the revenue can be attributed to side games like slot games and other offerings. If we take this into account, only £75 million is the actual share of online bingo as opposed to the proposed £256 million.

Let us breakdown GamblingData UK bingo market estimate: £259.3m. With an estimated £55.8 million revenue generated from Bingo alone, Mecca bingo is the segment leader in the Online Bingo UK market. This accounts for a commanding market share of 21.5%. Its close rival, Gala Bingo came in second with approximately £40 million net revenue from online bingo. Gala Bingo holds 16% market share in the online bingo market in UK.

Closing the third spot is BwinParty with a 13% market share. The official statement from BwinParty suggests that only 10% of the total revenue of £55.3 million comes from online Bingo. But it would be wrong to judge the online bingo share based on their statements. Their 2009 acquisition of Cashcade, significantly hikes the online bingo share in their total revenues. Cashcade is primarily UK facing and the majority of the revenues come from the UK market. Cashcade’s accumulated revenue when fused with BwinParty’s, the final online bingo share jumps up to 60% of the total revenue, which translates into £33.2 million.

Gamesys with its brands like Sun Bingo and Jackpot Joy command a 10.5% share of the online bingo UK market. Sharing the fourth spot with Gamesys is the online bingo super power Tombola. This Sunderland based company almost completely deals in online bingo and they reported £26.8 million revenues in the year 2011.

William Hill is the leader when it comes to overall gambling market in the UK. It does fairly good in the bingo market too, with estimated £17.7 million revenue, which is 7% of the overall online bingo market share. Trailing the online bingo market we have 888 with a 6% market share; Ladbrokes with a 4% market share; Bet365 with a 2.5% market share and Paddy Power with a 2% market share. The left over 7.5% can be attributed to the “long bingo tail”, which is essentially all the small time bingo operators put together.


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