Heart Bingo withdraw no deposit bonus

Heart Bingo have joined an ever increasingly long list of operators that have withdrawn their no deposit bonus. The bingo site, branded to the national radio station “Heart”, previously offered all new players £5 free without deposit and somewhat loose terms and conditions. However, following in the footsteps of other operators such as Sky Bingo, they withdrew it as it was no longer required to remain competitive.

Heart Bingo Logo

The offer has now been replaced with a somewhat less enticing 200% bonus, so depositing £10 will net you £30 to play with.

The question on everybody’s lips right now is: Are we seeing the end of no deposit bonuses? Essentially, yes. Slowly but surely all the respected and well known brands are withdrawing them in favour of first deposit bonuses and reload bonuses. Why? Quite simply due to customer retention rates. Most players that sign up through a no deposit bonus are in it for the easy money and quick profit — having no real intention of hanging around once the free credit is exhausted. That’s all well and good but the operators are looking for long-term, loyal customers.

If you’re strolling in, taking their money and then leaving, the bingo operator won’t actually make any money off you and they’re not fans of that at all! As such, the offers are slowly being withdrawn to make way for sign up bonuses, whereby you must have already made deposit to qualify for any credit. They’re still worth looking at but obviously don’t represent as good value for the player as a no deposit bonus.

If this is the beginning of the end you would be wise to use as many bonuses as humanly possible before it’s too late! Luckily for you we’ve compiled lists of the biggest and best around, along with methods of extraction. Isn’t that handy!

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