Is It Worth Playing Side Games?

We get asked this question on an almost daily basis yet the only person who can truly answer it is yourself. The side games (often referred to as “instant games”) on bingo sites are there to keep you locked in and spending money. That is the cold, hard truth. However, in most cases a bingo player is already there to spend money, so what does it matter? If it entertains you then yes, it’s worth it — that’s what we go to bingo sites for!

Side Games

Now, if you mean is it “financially worth” playing side games then the answer isn’t quite as straightforward. Operators will have a variety of games available and the payout rate on each of them will most likely be different e.g you’re more likely to walk away with some winnings from Blackjack then you are from Roulette.

If you’re purely in it for the money then I would recommend avoiding the casino games and focusing on the slots. There are plenty out there and it’s no longer just a case of 3-5 reels and clicking a button over and over again. Most online slots now come with features such as free spin and bonus rounds, just as you would find in a Las Vegas casino. We are also seeing a rising number of slots take on the pub style of themed fruit machines with complex features that we see down “the local”.

Slots tend to have a payout rate of 95%+ online, compared to the 75%-80% that you will usually find in pubs and bars. So when asking whether side games are worth it, ask yourself how much you would have after buying £100 worth of bingo cards. If it’s more than £95 then no it’s not, if it’s less then knock yourself out! Personally, I don’t worry about the monetary side of things when playing, I’m there for a good time and nothing else.

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