Is it worth playing slots and casino games on bingo sites?

This question is highly controversial amongst avid bingo fans across the internet. Is it worth playing slots and casino games on bingo sites? Many will say no, because they are there to play bingo. If they wanted to play casino games and slots then they could go to the specialists, right? Well, yes, they could have done. There is really no need though.


Most bingo sites have their games powered by a software package provided by companies such as Playtech, one of the industry leaders. SlotsAs years have gone by these sorts of companies have spotted and filled gaps in the market, while diversifying revenue streams. One such gap was filled with the inclusion of online slots and casino games to their solution. These games are often not just the same quality as those found on casino sites but the same game period. Literally identical.


Sticking with our example of Playtech for simplicity; they also offer casino software packages so they already have most of the games you will find on some of the biggest casinos on the web in their portfolio. It costs them nothing to include them in the solution they provide to bingo operators, yet it increases revenue. That’s just good business. For you, as the player, it makes no difference. Payout rates are usually the same and if truth be told, operators place them on the site simply to give you an alternative if you feel like a small break from listening to the numbers being called out.


Do they offer a better return that bingo? Yes, generally they do but let us not forget that we are dealing with the topic of gambling here. Payout rates on online slots are usually in the 95%+ sort of area, so you are much more likely to profit from them rather than bingo or casino games. Most importantly though is the entertainment value, which is the reason we should all be playing. If you are playing these games of complete chance for profit without some sort of advantage over the house then you might want to consider clicking the “gambleaware” link at the bottom of the page, as you may need professional help and guidance.


So there’s absolutely no need to goto a casino to enjoy your favourite slot or for a few spins of the roulette wheel unless you have a solid personal reason but even then convenience will probably lead you to playing wherever you are already logged in.

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