Is online bingo safe?

When people are dealing with their money they are naturally concerned about the legitimacy of the recipient of their funds. Safe Thankfully the online bingo industry doesn’t see many rogue operators popping up, so it has maintained a fairly good public profile. Obviously there is always the occasional person who will setup a site with the sole intention of defrauding their visitors but they are few and far between.


A good bingo operator will maintain very stringent financial processes to ensure that customers not only have the confidence and trust in them to deposit their money but also ensure that the transaction itself goes through without a hitch. Additionally, players like to know that they are not being taken for a ride and that all the games they are partaking in are fair and above board, so you will often see sites mentioning the 3rd party auditors they use to confirm the legitimacy and randomness of their games.


As long as players use their common sense when selecting an operator it is highly unlikely that they will encounter any problems. If you are not sure what you should be looking for when trying to stay safe whilst playing online bingo then follow this checklist:

  1. Is the site well presented? A good looking website costs money and fraudulent operators rarely invest in their “product”.
  2. Does the site mention who handles their financial transactions? This will usually be located at the bottom of the page or on their “about us” page.
  3. Where are the company from? Is there a registered company number at the bottom of the site, next to the copyright information?
  4. Is there a live chat support option or telephone support line? If there is then there is a good chance the operator is legitimate, but if you’re still skeptical you can have a chat with them and draw your own conclusions from there.

If you quite simply can’t trust any site unless it’s part of a major brand then perhaps use one of the many sites that are currently being advertised on TV, such as foxy bingo, think bingo, cheeky bingo. These guys are all huge companies with proven track records who have no interest in ripping off their customers.

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