No Limits Bingo

No Limits Bingo, introduced by Lucky Pants Bingo is the latest innovation you lucky coolcat bingo players can enjoy this 2013! The sky is the limit with this great new game, which has an ever-growing, ever-expanding pot of prizes to tempt you bingo players every hour of the day! The reason why the sky is the limit with No Limits Bingo is that we’ve decided to wave goodbye to the age-old fixed prize fund that bingo players up and down the country have grown used to. 

Ever get tired of the fixed pot of prizes in some bingo games, where the prizes don’t change regardless of the number of players? Well No Limits Bingo have been listening to the views of modern bingo players and have brought out an UNLIMITED PRIZE FUND so bingo can bring more and more great prizes into the homes of bingo players! The No Limits Bingo prize poNo Limitst grows and grows according to the number of bingo players who choose to play. Unlike other bingo games, the bingo prize pot with No Limits Bingo has an extra long buy time, so the pot just keeps getting bigger and bigger until the game actually plays, so with No Limits Bingo you can play knowing that the biggest bingo pot of all time is waiting to dish out bingo prizes daily to lucky bingo players and this is all brought to you through No Limits Bingo from Lucky Pants Bingo! So, it is even more easy to get lucky with the game of bingo brought to you from No Limits Bingo, and don’t forget this great new innovation has been introduced by Lucky Pants Bingo. 

With No Limits Bingo from Lucky Pants Bingo, you won’t have to get your lucky bingo pants on to enjoy the no limits prize fund as it is free and accessible, so all you have to do is play! There are daily, weekly and monthly 90 ball bingo games to be played with No Limits Bingo, so you can play bingo until your heart’s content with this game brought to you by Lucky Pants Bingo. Which in our opinion is one of the best bingo sites

No Limits Bingo also brings to you great, pre-seeded games so you can have your choice of lucky bingo game to play. Daily 5p bingo games are seeded at £20, and the game plays at 11pm. Weekly 10p games are seeded at £50, and the game plays every Thursday at 9.30pm. Monthly 50p games of bingo are seeded at £100 and the game plays every 3rd Friday of the month at 9pm.

There really are no limits with No Limits Bingo, and if you choose this great new game, brought to you by Lucky Pants Bingo, you have even more chance of getting lucky and bringing a great big cash bingo prize haul home to your family! 

With No Limits Bingo, brought to us by Lucky Pants Bingo you can be sure that the game of bingo is getting more and more savvy, with fantastic, unbeatable new bingo features to be enjoyed every day.

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