Online Bingo, a Truly Social Experience.

When the words “online bingo” and “social” are slapped together most people turn their noses up at the notion. They tend to believe that it cannot be a social experience if you are sitting in your living room at your computer and potentially alone. They could not be more misinformed.

 Socialising Online

Online bingo operators are continuously improving their games and one of the most popular ways of doing this is to add social elements to them. This can range wildly from adding a Facebook button to the game, allowing users to share their successes with friends or even implementing a new side “chat game”, usually run by mods — adding a slight twist to the game for those that choose to take part in it.


The biggest social element of the games is the chat room itself though. In a recent survey commissioned by Virgin Gaming almost half of all players asked said they had established a lasting friendship with someone through online bingo chat rooms. 18% of those players said the friendship had lead to a “real world meet”.


These statistics alone are enough to debunk any claims from naysayers but if you are still looking for further examples of social interaction within online bingo then perhaps you could turn your attention to Bingocams. Bingocams has taken the social element of online bingo and thrusted it into the spotlight by integrating webcams into their games. While playing on Bingocams you can constantly see your fellow players reactions to those close games, frustrating failures and ecstasy inducing wins.


Ultimately, those that don’t believe in the social side of online bingo (or any games for that matter) will usually have already made their minds up. The facts are out there for all who wish to find them though.

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