Progressive Jackpots in Bingo

I would like to think that all of my readers enjoy some success in their time set aside for online bingo, picking up small £5 wins here and there. I have received emails from some of you telling me of your bigger wins, some of which run into the hundreds of pounds. However, I also get a lot of emails asking me how to win big like the people that bingo operators parade all over their homepages like prized assets. Well the truth is that a lot of those wins are actually a result of playing on slots and various other “instant games”, some are truly impressive bingo wins though.


Your chances of winning £5,000 like that generic character, Sarah from Leicestershire are almost non-existent if you are not in the right bingo room. Progressive JackpotPersonally, I am happy to toddle along and collect my small winnings here and there, while exploiting promotional offers to make myself a tidy overall profit but the big money is out there, you just need to look towards progressive jackpots.


Progressive jackpots are exactly what they claim they are; a jackpot that continues to grow on a regular basis until someone wins it. Think of the national lottery and the rollover system in place there. If nobody wins, the jackpot gets bigger with each and every draw. Likewise, a progressive jackpot in bingo grows with every game played where a winner is not decided.


Most progressive jackpots are run by the software providers, as opposed to the bingo operators themselves but you’ll collect your winnings in the same way. The biggest jackpot to date came courtesy of Playtech, one of the industry’s biggest software providers. The total jackpot on offer was £2.5m, which was split between the various winners of that round. Naturally, these sort of wins are extremely rare as there are literally thousands of players searching for that elusive win. Now you know where to begin, get out there and win yourself some moola! 

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