The Rise of Online Bingo

Online bingo has become nothing short of a phenomenon since it first made its appearance online over a decade ago. What started out as a small, casual community that was free to enjoy has become a multi billion pound industry. Back in 1996 when the first online bingo sites were beginning to spring up there was no way to automatically take funds for accounts, it all had to be done manually. The same could be said for payments to players, it was all stored in a spreadsheet and paid out once a week in one big clump.

Now, with the massive advancements in technology, all of this is done in a matter of seconds and without human interaction, instead of the hundreds of man hours it took back in the 90s. BingoAdditionally the masses also hesitated about having their credit card details used online and with margins being so small in bingo, it just wasn’t a truly viable business model. However, since the turn of the century, automation has become part of our everyday lives. This has not only quelled the doubt in the minds of potential players but also allowed a single person to run an operation that would have required a small team 20 years ago.

Combine all of this with the ever improving graphics and immersive nature of the games we are seeing rolled out across the industry and you suddenly have a thoroughly enjoyable hobby, which could also net you a small fortune every so often.

Now online bingo is poised to become more popular than the “real thing” within the next few years, should it maintain its current levels of growth. This may shock you at first but with the ease, simplicity and unlimited access to online bingo it really shouldn’t. Gone are the days of long walks to bingo halls, now we just lift the lid on our laptops.

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