Top 5 Bingo Tips

While the game of bingo itself is entirely based on luck, there are a few things that you can do to improve your chances of making a profit, win games or just enjoy yourself a little more. These are our top 5 bingo tips:


Top 5 Tips

5. Look beyond the first deposit bonus

 Having a £500 first deposit bonus is great but if you plan to stick around then reload bonuses should be taken into consideration as well. A lot of operators are now shifting away from big one off bonuses, instead offering loyal players some mammoth promotions. Shop around!


4. Play with fewer people

If you are trying to extract a particular bonus that has a wagering requirement then it will probably be beneficial for you to play with fewer players. If there are only 5-10 players in a room then you will have a much greater chance of success than if you are competitive with 50-100 other people.


3. Don’t deposit more than £10 with new sites

If an operator doesn’t have a no deposit bonus but you absolutely have to try them out then make sure you don’t go pumping money into the account like nobodies business. If something about the site bothers you or you simply don’t enjoy the games, you may find that you can’t withdraw the funds due to restrictions hidden within the terms and conditions.


2. “Check out” the sites you play with

You should always run a background check on the sites you plan to play with, ensuring they’re a reliable company that won’t mess you around when it comes around to withdrawals.


1. Have fun!

While online bingo is big business, for you it’s something to do. A source of entertainment. We see far too many people dive into the deep end with hopes, dreams and plans to become millionaires from online bingo. While that is possible, it’s not something that should be expected. Just kick back and enjoy!

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