Ways to Win Online Bingo

While I am sure you got excited when you saw the title of this article, I am afraid to say it’s probably not what you expected. There is no surefire way to win a game of online bingo and if there was, it would probably be illegal. Today we’re going to take a look at the various ways to win a game of online bingo, e.g a “one line” or a “cover”. So, let’s begin.

One Line

One line is exactly what the title suggests; one line running from the left of the bingo card to the right, without interruption.Bingo Winner

Four Corners

This one is relatively simple. You only need four numbers to win, situated in the four absolute corners of your bingo card.

Cover / Full House

A “Cover” (some of our more seasoned readers may know it as a “Full House”) is completed when every number of the bingo card has come out, leaving no “uncovered spaces” on the card.

Two Lines

This is usually completed by having two lines, side by side, running horizontally across the bingo card.

Any Two Lines

This is exactly the same as Two Lines with the exception of the necessity for them to be side by side. Absolutely any two lines, running horizontally across the bingo card.


To achieve a diagonal you simple need to get all the numbers running from the absolute top left or right of the card running to the bottom right or left of the card respectively.


A cross is completed when you have diagonals running from top left to bottom right and bottom right to bottom left, forming a cross.

And it doesn’t stop there

There are plenty of different patterns you can create to win on online bingo, with most operators having a few that are unique to themselves. I’ve come across everything from the “xmas tree” to the the shapes of various letters, such as “E” or “F”. The ones above are all fairly generic and you’ll come across them on a daily basis. If you’re ever not sure what “shape” you should be aiming for in a game of bingo just take a look at the small bingo card which is usually placed in the top left and corner of the screen for confirmation.

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