WinTingo £5 Free No Deposit Needed

How to Get £5 Free and Cash Out

While the free £5 bonus without deposit from WinTingo may not be the biggest promotion around, it’s certainly worth taking the time to grab.Wintingo £5 Free I found that the terms and conditions with this particular promotion were quite loose, allowing for a relatively easy withdrawal without too much fiddling around, which is a bonus in itself. When it comes to withdrawing the cash you will need to make the usual token deposit for the sake of proving your identity and so the operator can protect themselves from abuse. If all that sounds ok to you then here is my method of extraction for WinTingo:

 1. Click here and get yourself registered with WinTingo, automatically qualifying for the £5 free bonus.

2. Play with your bonus funds, safe in the knowledge that any winnings are as good as money in the bank. 

3. Make a £15 deposit any time within 14 days of registering the account to secure your winnings.

4. Make the withdrawal when you are ready!


Your winnings will be withdrawn to your method of deposit, whether it’s a direct bank transfer, e-wallet or a credit or debit card. Most withdrawals are complete within 3 business days but they officially state one working week on their website as a guide time. While the £5 may not seem like a lot in an industry packed with bonuses you should take into consideration just how upfront and open WinTingo are being here. There is no catch. You sign up, play and if you win make a deposit so they can prove who you are and pay you your money. Honestly, you would be crazy to pass this one up!


Overview of WinTingo

WinTingo are a relatively new operator, less than a year old (at the time of writing) in fact. Despite their tender years the company itself is packed with experience due to their management all being gaming professionals for the last decade. They plan to put that experience to good use and deliver an unparalleled experience for all their players, the £5 free bonus is just a way for them to prove their worth to you.


Website and Software

The Wintingo website is refreshing to say the least. No pink! Anyway, the colours are calming, easy on the eyes and don’t distract you from the content that you went there for. Play at Wintingo They have a pretty cool little ticker in the top right hand corner of every page letting players know how much has been paid out since their inception in 2011, which currently sits at £2,446,244.95, confirming that while they are new to the game they have attracted a decent player base.

I honestly am stumped when it comes to the software package that powers their games. I have never seen it before and I spend an awful lot of time online gaming. I can only presume that it is custom made for WinTingo, which is a massive positive in my books. Sometimes it gets a little tedious sitting at the computer staring at the same games for hours on end with a different colour scheme, so kudos for them for daring to be different.


Additional Bonuses

There are half a dozen or so bonuses available on Wintingo however, from what we can make of their terms and conditions you are only aloud to use one during registration. There are occasional offers for existing members though, so keep your eyes peeled!


Community and Customer Service

Unfortunately I never received a response to my email but this could be down to a spam filter somewhere along the line or perhaps my impatience. I called them after a couple of days on their 24/7 customer support line and got my questions answered, making it entirely plausible that my email was marked as closed and archived. Either way, I would suggest making contact by phone if you are in a rush.

The community was extremely friendly and seemed very close knit. Many of the players were referring to each other by their first names, which is always lovely to see. If you plan to stick around then this is definitely something that will be of importance to you.


My Thoughts

While WinTingo are a new company they have an extremely professional, entertaining and refreshing service to offer. They make their payouts in a timely fashion and don’t try to hide anything from their players. It’s very hard to mark them down on anything at all but if I had to pick up on anything it would be the lack of a response to my email but even then my query was dealt with so it would be somewhat pedantic to write them off on that basis. They certainly get Miss Bingo’s seal of approval.

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